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24 Aug 2006

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Dr G.M.W.Mann.      Baytrees

Burnhams Rd,    Lt.Bookham

Surrey, U.K.           KT23 3AU


8 John TILBURY ?1684-1736

m Jane RATFORD 1704






b=born  m=married  d=died

C=Christened       B=Buried



John was married in 1704 so a birth date around 1670/80 would be expected.  He married and lived in Frensham, but his marriage was the first occurrence of the Tilbury name in that parish.  The IGI has a suitable baptism at Farnham on 18Oct1684 which would give him an age of 19 at marriage.  Farnham is only 4 miles from Frensham.  The parish registers commence in 1539 but have not yet been extracted for the Tilbury surname. 



Henry TILBURY-7 was baptised at Frensham in 1717, son of John.  A series of baptisms to John, including Henry, commence in 1704, and this is preceded by the following marriage at Frensham:


m 21May1704 John TILBURY & Jane RATFORD


This marriage is the first entry for TILBURY in the Frensham register, the next marriage was not until 1741.  The first daughter baptised to John was named Jane, and there is little doubt therefore that this is the correct marriage.



from Frensham parish register:


C 26Dec1704 John    s John TILBURY

C 11Oct1706 Thos    s John TILBURY

C  3Oct1707 Jane    d John TILBURY

C  4Mar1709+Eliz    d John TILBURY

C 18Oct1712 Wm      s John TILBURY

C 16Jul1715 Thos    s John TILBURY; m  6Apr1741 Thos TILBURY & Sarah COBBET

C 19Oct1717 Henry   s John TILBURY

C 12Dec1719 Mary    d John TILBURY

C 13Oct1722 Stephen s John TILBURY

C 30Apr1725 Jas     s John TILBURY



from Frensham parish register:


B 28Aug1736 John TILBURY senr

B  5Jun1763 Jane TILBURY


Even though these burials suggest that Jane outlived her husband by 27 years, there is little reason to doubt that they are the correct burials.  If Jane were 20 years old at marriage, she would have been 79 at death; the burial does not refer to her daughter Jane as she is believed to have married William VICKERY in 1733.

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